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Originally Posted by Goose80 View Post
For the AMS-JER run you can buy two returns over two days . One would be AMS- JER and the other JER-AMS. You then nest the tickets such that you can get on the return flight from JER to AMS within 180mins.

There was a blog on it previously somewhere
So if you were trying to do a TP run in CE to say JER, AMS, or anywhere else you will find the one way CE fare is much higher than 50% of the return fare. As turnaround is invariably less than MCT, the only options are to book a return on the next rotation back and sit it out at the airport - with AMS or JER at least the next flight is usually 3/4 hours away so not too bad. Alternatively you can nest tickets so you get a ticket which is LGW-JER-LGW (Tckt.A) and another which is JER-LGW-JER (Tckt.B). You then work the dates and flights so you can get back on the same plane as between the two tickets you have two LGW-JER legs and two JER-LGW legs. No more problem with MCT and you can now do back-to-backs (both JER and AMS Are very easy for this) but it does involve having to do the TP run on two different dates.

Day 1 - LGW-JER (Tckt.A) then JER-LGW (Tckt.B)
Day 2 - LGW-JER (Tckt.B) then JER-LGW (Tckt.A)

With domestic or euro traveller fares the one way is typically 50% of the return so booking two one ways shouldn't be more expensive.

EDIT: and just to add you can always do something more adventurous and do a nest in a nest in a nest as I reported here

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