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Originally Posted by callahan44 View Post
Karfa - you narrowed it down now, very good - thank you.

Seeing as I will already have 160TP's lined up for post Nov 8, your suggestion here seems ideal:
1583 to OGG or HNL - Including BA1 out and BA2 back, US flights JFK-PHX-HNL/OGG, gets 1340 TPs - 1.18/TP

Is that still CPH-HEL-LHR first I assume? Then LCY - BA1 etc and obviously taking a one way cheapy to CPH to begin?

What then is the shortest time frame that could be done in? (Taking the Sunday into account?)

Is it possible to call BA and ask them to book this - if so what 'codes' do I give them?
Do you know the specific 'string' to put into the Matrix?
No, that one doesn't include going via HEL either on the outbound or inbound. One way to do it is a return from CPH, and OGG or HNL as a destination. Use routing codes

outbound: LON BA1-4 JFK PHX / alliance oneworld
inbound: PHX JFK BA1-4 LON / alliance oneworld

Select business class or higher, sales city London, maybe try 4 nights and see what that brings up when searching on calendar of fares.

I suspect 5 days in total.
  • CPH-LHR on day 1 (and get to CPH before that flight of course),
  • day 2 pick up BA1 in the morning from LCY then you can overnight at JFK or PHX,
  • day 3 get to HNL/OGG (lets pretend this is a saturday)
  • day 3 (still!) get a late flight back from HNL landing at PHX in the early morning of day 4
  • day 4 flight PHX-JFK arriving late afternoon/early evening and connect on to BA2 or BA4
  • day 5 arrive lcy, get over to LHR, get flight to CPH, get flight back to LHR if you can do a back-to-back

When you have got it priced up you can call BA and just read out the dates & flight number to book. Make sure your USA domestic flights are under the US/AA flight number and in A class so they each get 210 TPs.

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