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Originally Posted by letopeto View Post

Please be aware -- chase is now coding as of today amex serve transactions as a cash advance. My transaction was declined, and after calling in to CS, found out it is being coded as a cash advance.

I luckily had the foresight to set my cash advance limit to $0, but looks like Chase is dead.
It seems like you should include a little more information if you're going to start a new thread. You didn't mention the type of card for example. NOT EVERYONE is getting a cash advance from Chase, as mentioned in the Serve thread.

There are reports of no cash advance today on:
  • UA Explorer Visa
  • UA Explorer MC
  • Sapphire Preferred
  • Southwest Visa
  • Also Barclay, Citi cards (Prestige), Fidelity AMEX

There are reports of a cash advance today on:
  • UA Club
  • UA Explorer
  • Ink Bold Visa
  • Sapphire Preferred
  • Also a Capital One card

As you can see it's not even consistent.

Finally, in the past sometimes Chase has posted these as cash advance at first. After a few days they get changed to a regular charge. If anyone actually got a cash advance fee, you might want to share that.

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