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scam or glitch?

I had 4 rooms reserved at a NYC-area property for 3 nights. About 2 weeks ago, it became clear we wouldn't need the rooms. I went online and cancelled them.
A week ago, I noticed them still there, so cancelled them again online.
I noticed it was still there 3 nights ago and called in to spg to cancel.
I was just checking my online account and saw them there again, so called the hotel directly. They were quite rude, confirmed that they still saw the reservation as active and suggested I deal with spg.
SPG just confirmed that I indeed cancelled the reservation 3 times and the hotel went in and restored the reservation all 3 times!
Of course this could be a computer glitch, but couldn't it also be a scam? I would be on the hook for 4 nights deposit if SPG didn't have the documentation that I had indeed canceled it.
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