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Credit Card Questions

Hello flyers,

So, I have been playing the credit card game for almost a year now, and I seem to have plateaued. My question is, once you have opened pretty much all of the cards whose bonuses will benefit you, do you just sit tight (close after 6-8 months) and wait a year or so to start another round? Most of these cards say that you are not eligible for a bonus if had the card in the past year. So maybe that is the answer to my question?

Also, I live in Shanghai, and, as a teacher, I do get a fair amount of time for vacation. I have diversified my miles plan which worries me in not being able to take advantage of all of them, but I am also interested in finding out which airline would be the best to chase status for international benefits. As far as my research has gone, I have not seen any really that will provide you with intl. upgrades even with the highest status.

Sorry for the long post, and thanks in advance for any advice.
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