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Originally Posted by pitching51 View Post
So are some of you guys accumulating Marriott and Ritz points?
they are the same program Ritz=Marriott as far as points go.

I notice the same questions 20+ times on this thread, so maybe I should put it in the Wiki. The $300 airline incidental credit per year is NOT good for tickets or gift certificates with big round numbers. So for all you non flyers just wanting to cash in by selling certs or tickets forget it.
It is a good feature for people that actually fly, because it can be used for most everything else including: taxes and fees (even international), change fees, baggage fees, upgrade fees, drinks, food, airline club fees (when charged through the airlines), global entry fees, I don't know what AA stickers are but if they are sold through and are not tickets, then they are covered too.....yes you may be able to play off an odd numbered gift cert, or get them to cover a ticket by begging rep for a one time consideration, but don't count on tickets or gift certs is pretty simple, I don't know why so many people ask the same question, unless they just don't read any of the thread. The credit is good until the end of the calendar year and they keep a running total and will tell you how much you have left. Jan 1 it will start over at $300
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