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Does the ORD-DUB sell out frequently?

I checked the availability of seats on my upcoming flight this November, and it looks like it's a near sell out. With less than two months to go on my holiday I expect a full plane. I guess I have been lucky so far most of my flights never were never full.

I'm flying in economy and am wondering how overwhelmed the flight attendants become. I have a special meal ordered, the diabetic meal, and as I take medicine before breakfast and dinner, will this be an issue getting my meal in a reasonable time? I also plan to take appropriate snacks just in case. I'm not on insulin but on metformin and byetta. I have purchased a couple of collapsible water bottles I plan to fill post security. I need to keep hydrated or I get bad headaches, so I may need another bottle.

Are pillows and a blanket provided, or do I need to bring my own?

I don't want to be a PITA or a DYKWIA...that's not me at all, it's just I have never flown this airline.
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