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I hope they don't [mess] up a good thing....

Let's be fair. UA.COM may look a little dated but it does offer, overall, the best functionality in the airline biz. That's one area where they really do whip the competition. UA.COM's features like expert mode really do help us out if we don't have EF subscriptions, and the award booking tool, in spite of recent reversions to inventory, is the best out there. No other platform shows as complete a list of partner inventory in such a useful way, so quickly and clearly.

By contrast, DL.COM award booking is unspeakable. The interface has been designed deliberately to make it more difficult to find available inventory. Even AA.COM by comparison has super-annoying user-inihibition features e.g. the difficulty in changing award search parameters after the initial search, and it certainly doesn't display as wide a range of 1W partners as UA.COM does for *A.

There's much more... just try applying a DL GPU online and you will see why SM and DL.COM are :-: best in class :-: without doubt.

I fear any and all changes to UA.COM for the sake of "appearance." Management often uses these changes as a cloak for useability reductions, for example by reducing the ways in which we can query the inventory and see what's globally available and/or by adding extra steps to prevent consumers from booking what they really want and channeling them into fewer options based on overall IM logics that don't help us at all (e.g. masking IAH connections even those these are legal and available under fare rules). To some extent this is already happening in the background, but I bet a new interface will result in a further reduction in the quality of the overall UA customer experience.

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