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Originally Posted by JW76 View Post
This is totally irrational. I mean, lightning never strikes thrice, does it?
You want to bet on that? I am guessing that is what those who flew on MAS after the first crash thought, but now there are two hull losses with no survivors.

As for rationality, Passengers aren't rational. Doesn't matter if statistically being in another crash on MAS is close to nil, the image and reputation is now firmly stuck in the public mind of MAS being a dangerous airline. Unfair to MAS? Perhaps, but that is how the world works.

The airline would have certainly gone under if it weren't for the fact that is the flag carrier of the country. Now the Malaysian government is taking it private and bailing it out. Will it work? The airline has attempted restructure before, and the results on the spreadsheet are evident for all to see. There is too much resistance to reform and change within the airline. I fear MAS will remain nothing but a money drain on the government and nothing more. Let's hope I am wrong on that last point.
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