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Costa Rica with daughter trip help!

I am looking to go with my 13.5 year old daughter to Costa Rica in October. The earliest we can leave is Sunday 10/12 and we must return by the next Sunday 10/19.

We are flying out of Baltimore.

I was looking at the Andaz because of points. It seems that there are some things to do near there (and relax of course).

We should also go to the Arenal area right? See the volcano? The lake?

She wants to do some ziplining and maybe whitewater rafting. Scuba at Andaz?

The different weather patterns of course makes this trip challenging.

How would you break the trip up between the two areas? Are these even the right areas?

I'm open to not going to the Andaz if someone says it's definitely going to be a washout. Mostly, I think I've seen that it should be nice in the morning and will likely rain in the afternoon (Andaz). It think that Arenal is dry at that time of year.

Any thoughts? I think we would not rent a car and would have shuttles/transfers between the airports and the hotels etc. We can fly into either LIR or SJO or a mixture of both.

Thanks for your thoughts in advance.
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