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Automatic Recycling Is No More

Originally Posted by Erico1875 View Post
Have Tesco stopped using the automatic machines for recycling at their recycling centres?
Both locations @ Edinburgh the machines are out of action and bins placed in front of them.
Alu cans were worth a couple of thousand CC points to me over a year.
An Update today from Glasgow. And it's bad news...

Went to St Rollox with my convertible Mini (literally) full of aluminium cans headed for the recycling machine for my quarterly can clearout. (Looked like a mobile skip... The things I do to Feed my Avios habit) The automatic machine has been removed

I asked at Customer Services and was told that the service is no longer being offered and they have removed the machines from all sites. Would have been nice if they had at least bothered to tell regular users of the service that it was coming to an end

If anyone saw me looking near to tears as I threw several hundred CC points worth of cans into the regular recycling skips, that was why....
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