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Originally Posted by newyorkgeorge View Post
FF programs are becoming devalued. Airlines will continue to fall over each other to attract the premium paid transcon and International/Long haul flyer. But for the mostly domestic business flyer or heavy leisure flyer the days of glory are fleeting fast. This is what happens when competition is reduced to several large providers. If there are any new entrants, probably unlikely, they will likely be of the Spirit and now Frontier genre.
It seems like airlines don't ever think about this, but a lot of us who are sometimes premium paid customers are sometimes cheap-o fliers too. Right now AA gets most of my airline spend, including for a decent number of long-haul business class (and occasional first class) tickets because I know that I'm going to have a generally acceptable and often pleasant experience when I'm not flying one of those expensive tickets. If AA continues to make their economy product suck more and more and then significantly dilutes the frequent flier program on top of that, like JDiver I'll just switch to using whichever airline is best for any particular flight. Fortunately these days for not that much more than a coach ticket you can usually buy some sort of premium product that gives you a reasonably tolerable coach experience and both domestic first class and international business is often sold at a reasonable premium over coach so I'd probably end up with similar experiences as when I was an AA Elite, without having to worry about what alliance or frequent flier program to use.
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