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Originally Posted by irishguy28 View Post
That's a Pacific circle routing, not any type of RTW routing!
true enough, although from the East Coast you can do the first part trans-Atlantic. Is there such a thing as a Pacific Circle award from an American carrier?

Originally Posted by howtofreetravel View Post
Be careful with the Us airways miles i can feel a devaluation coming soon
Yeah, I know. I just don't have any roundtrip segments in my plans, and am nervous about trying to make something complicated as suggested above work.

Originally Posted by Yoshi212 View Post
Aus-NZ-Aus is also one of Emirates' cheapest routes for trying out their F class. It's only ~4 hours in the air but can try out the experience and if on the A380 a shower at 30,000 feet.
Interesting. I could probably trade with my father for Amex points that I could transfer, but it looks pretty expensive for what you get. Worth considering though!

Thanks all!
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