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Originally Posted by freakinflyer001 View Post
SYD is a largely premium market and could support a daily 77H
I'm not sure this statement is correct? Any idea what is the opportunity cost of pulling a 77H frame away from premium markets like JFK, LAX and LHR? Not to mention, CX has a monopoly on JFK and LAX routing to HKG. I remember hearing that F yield was pretty bad when CX finally canned F service to SYD many years back.

Further, the economics of the 33G make it well suited for the OZ market and its size means CX can offer enough frequency for business-minded travelers, not to mention Cirrus J is really great premium product. It's miles ahead of the two-generations-ago J that used to serve SYD via CX's 747 (the slanty beds), and it's not too far behind in terms of comfort the old CX F hard product.

Lastly, as the poster above says - 77H only introduces more J and PEY seating, which would put even more pressure on OZ yields. Anecdotally, I fly CX's network pretty much everywhere from a HK base. Emphasis on North America. I breath a sigh of relief looking at J fares HKG-SYD, versus say HKG-USA. You're generally looking at 2-2.5x the price for a J seat to the US than you are to Sydney, for a flight that is perhaps 1.25-1.75x the length. Presuming you can get a similar load factor, the yield to the US makes more sense to keep the 77H on those markets and keep 33G running to Australia.

All in I just don't see SYD taking a 77H frame.

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