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Originally Posted by danhunterpost View Post
Try searching cities on ITA Matrix, it will search all flight, very good tool but not bookable from here, you can find the routing but will have to rebuild on an OTA or taken them to a live TA for booking.
Use google.com/flights - it's powered by the ITA Matrix (both platforms owned by google) so you can typically feed the ITA information into google.com/flights and book it there (though for BA and other foreign carriers it still might make you call the airline or go through an OTA).

A quick ITA search shows Premium Economy for a random 7-10 day trip in Oct / Nov is about $2.1k on BA while regular Economy looks to be about $1.2k on UA. If you are comfortable with E+ on UA it'll definitely be a few hundred dollars cheaper but it's not a separate class of service the way Premium Economy is on BA.

Since you also have an existing AA account, flying BA will benefit you in being able to credit back to that and you'll also get a 10% class of service bonus and 1.5 EQPs if you're in play for any status qualification. On the flip side VA can be credited to DL but I find DL to be a pretty worthless program. So from a mileage perspective I would say BA is a better option
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