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1. Placing my hand luggage in the side storage bin, only to discover the previous occupant had deposited their orange juice in it, ruining my bag

I hope you pointed it out to the cabin crew, got a report and claim for a replacement + inconvenience caused by lack of supervision after cabin cleaning.

2. Going to the toilet to discover someone had actually pissed on the floor

It happens. But, again, point it out to the cabin crew and it should be cleaned. That's one of the yucky parts of their job. If pointed out, and an hour later it is still filthy wet, that is unacceptable.

3. A child who was allowed to put their privacy screen up and down for most of the way across the Atlantic - when I stepped in to get him to stop the parent looked at me like I was a monster

You shouldn't have had to step in. Cabin crew should have noticed and had a quiet word. If they didn't, then you should have had a word with CC. That is what they are there for. Only if they then still refused to do anything, that is unacceptable.

4. That child and another throwing drink and playing hide and seek, thinking my window seat was acceptable hiding place

See above.

5. Same children depleting Club kitchen of all the sandwiches, crisps and ice cream - some of which was thrown (in case I am accused of being anti-child, there were children of approximately 4 and 6 in the cabin who were behaved impeccably)

Some adults do this too! But in case of food being thrown, that is unacceptable. But again, CC should have noticed and acted. If they did not, and the issue was raised with them, then that is unacceptable.

So, on the first points, I would say a fail by CC not to notice and act.

Or totally unacceptable if you raised the matters with them and they then failed to act.

On another airline, with drunk passengers, I had to threaten the crew with the Air Navigation order before they paid attention. But as I pointed out, dealing with drunks is their job, not mine. Ensuring passengers safety is 1st, ensuring their comfort is 2nd. But both are key components of their job.

As for the luggage!

Well, what baggage handler/airline or any combination of them could deliver something so obviously mauled without a personal apology and offer to get something done right away.

Even a small letter saying: oops.

That is also unacceptable..
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