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I don't even know how this happens [Mauled luggage]

I was initially thinking about posting the following complaints about my recent Club World experience flying LHR-LAX which included the following issues:

1. Placing my hand luggage in the side storage bin, only to discover the previous occupant had deposited their orange juice in it, ruining my bag
2. Going to the toilet to discover someone had actually pissed on the floor
3. A child who was allowed to put their privacy screen up and down for most of the way across the Atlantic - when I stepped in to get him to stop the parent looked at me like I was a monster
4. That child and another throwing drink and playing hide and seek, thinking my window seat was acceptable hiding place
5. Same children depleting Club kitchen of all the sandwiches, crisps and ice cream - some of which was thrown (in case I am accused of being anti-child, there were children of approximately 4 and 6 in the cabin who were behaved impeccably)

But all of the above pales in comparison to

1. My bag not arriving with me - okay it happens.
2. Was told that it was on the next flight and I would have by 10pm
3. Stayed up until 11pm, by which point I had been up 30 hours. Called courier company - was rudely told I would not have until the next morning.
4. Received by bag - it looks like a bomb had gone off in it or it had been mauled by a bear. You decide
5. Got on the gold line to told "go online and fill out the compensation form. It should take 4-6 weeks."

Needless to say, with all my personal items that I need on a daily basis completely and utterly destroyed - that just wasn't acceptable

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