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I was compensated for a "weather" delay/cancellation.


1. We boarded then sat at the gate for 1 hour as pilot says ATC/Delta forgot to enter in a flight plan so they were issuing new one (Storms coming in too)

2. We finally left gate and took 45 mins to taxi on tarmac due to approaching storms and slowdown

3. Right before we were to take off pilot says we had to go back to gate to get more fuel bc our new longer flight plan around storms requires more fuel

4. We get back to gate and they agent comes aboard and cancels flight due to "bad weather" (plus I think pilot timed out)

Delta would not pay for our hotel at LGA saying its weather but I heard some on our plane did get free hotels.

So I wrote Delta explaining how this was really Deltas fault and not weather and they conceded with 20k miles each in mine and wifes account and wrote check for hotel!^
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