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Originally Posted by uofmgrad87 View Post
Recently, I was on a flight from EWR to DTW scheduled to leave at 6:25 pm. At that time, the weather at EWR was good and all planes were leaving. The problem with my flight is that the plane was late coming in due to weather issues elsewhere in the country. The plane finally arrived at around 8:00 pm. By the time they turned the plane around, the bad weather reached EWR and they couldn't fly out. Due to crew work rules, the flight ended getting cancelled at around 11:00 pm. Delta claims that the delay was "weather" related, so they refused to pay for a hotel or provide anything else to the pasengers. I spoke to people at Delta while this was going on, both at the airport and on the phone, and was told by all that the delay was weather related, as weather caused the plane to arrive late at EWR. I think that this is a scheduling delay and I should, at a minimum, get reimbursed for my hotel room. Does anyone know the FAA rules on what is a weather delay and what is an airline-caused delay?
Unfortunately, I don't think you'll have much success in getting DL to pay for your hotel room if weather was a factor in any way. However, please someone correct me if I'm wrong here, but I thought DL took care of their PM/DM's with hotel rooms in weather delays that result in cancellations and an overnight stay being required?
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