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I do not recommend carrentals.com

Literally minutes after booking a reservation on this site, I found some pretty horrific reviews on Advantage Rent a Car in Honolulu. Admittedly, I should have done my homework before booking the reservation, but it didn't happen that way, and I didn't want to risk a bad experience on my first vacation in Hawaii.

As a result, I decided that I wanted to cancel the reservation (within 20 minutes). I sent an email to customer service at Carrentals.com. I was impressed at how fast they responded, but they pointed out the "nonrefundable" clause in the agreement. Apparently, they are going to work to get me a refund, but I still need to pay a $50 fee. I'd rather pay the fee and make sure I'm getting a great customer service experience when I go to pick up the rental car than risk a bad experience with Advantage.

The $50 fee is understandable; however, in the email response I received from carrentals.com, they were very insulting, and even reprimanded me for choosing to cancel based on subjective internet reviews. Tip to carrentals.com: don't ever blame or insult the customer. I will never use their website again. On average, the reviews that Avis received in Honolulu are light-years better, so I'm going to book with them.

If you're wondering why I canceled Advantage, it's because the majority of reviews were complaining about 90 minute waits for the shuttle, long lines and wait times at the counter, and rude customer service. Sorry, I'm not going to risk it.
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