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When you buy gift cards from one of these third-party brokers, you never know the source of those gift cards. The person who sold them to the company has often bought them with a stolen credit card, in which case the person attempting to use the GC will naturally draw suspicion. There is a thread on FatWallet where the OP was questioned by police after Walgreens called the cops in a situation like this. IIRC in that case the OP wasn't even buying GC but regular merchandise. Apparently these cops had not heard of Cardpool, but I'd think that you'd have plenty of evidence to prove your innocence if it came to that, as you'd have a receipt to show where you got the GC, and Cardpool could confirm it was the same one.

I'd be most worried not about LE, but about Rite Aid shutting it down due to losses they are sustaining as a result of these stolen GCs being cashed out, whether it is done by the CC thief or by someone who bought the GC online. In general buying V/MC/AX GC with store GC is always heavily YMMV if the registers aren't hard coded against it, and if they're taking big losses due to fraud in that area or store, it'll kill the deal. Sadly this kind of problem is why a lot of good opportunities have died.
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