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My account just got suspended. I've been loading consistently pretty much every day. Balance is less than 2K. Will update once their support line is open.

Update: Called their support line (opens @ 7am Central) and after a brief hold while they looked over the transactions. I was told by the CSR that "corporate" is concerned with the amount/number of loads but there's no spend yet (guess they don't count the test PP and BB transactions as spending). I told them because of the daily load limit, I was saving up the amount for a big spending transaction later on (true). That seems to satisfy the CSR and she puts in the request to unlock the account. Bad news is that she says it would takes 1-3 hours for that to be done. My guess is she can't unlock it herself but have to pass it on to another team.

Update 2 (~3 hours from last update): Received a voice mail from the same CSR earlier letting me know that the issue has been resolved. Checked online, still no go with 'account suspended' message. Called in and after punching in the card number, I was able to hear my account balance when I couldn't earlier. Spoke to another friendly CSR and she couldn't figure out why only card access was restored but not online access. She said she escalated to "higher ups" and I should be receiving a call back later today.

Update 3 (30 mins from last update): Got another voice mail ('Unknown' number), online access restored. Case closed.

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