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Originally Posted by karencorder View Post
Thanks for the info! We have 2 girls. A mild mannered pre-teen who has always been easy to travel with and a 4 year old with A LOT of umm...personality. Our fear is that she'll fall asleep before she eats (8:30 is her regular bedtime) and wake up in the middle of the night hungry and disturb everyone in our cabin. I can keep her awake for an hour or so then it's night-night until arrival!
Why not bring some sandwiches and give her dinner at the airport? If 20.30 is her regular bedtime, it might be counter-productive to try and keep her awake if, say, the plane is delayed 1/2 hour or so, taxiing takes a bit of time, and dinner is not served immediately. This is particularly the case as assuming you are flying in economy, the crew will start with an aperitif, then clear, and only then bring dinner. In effect, this may mean that your dinner may well be served near or around 11ish (depending on whether the flight is on time, how long taxiing takes, how efficient the crew are, and where you are sat).

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