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Greetings karencorder

Originally Posted by where next View Post
Eals are only served out of lcy, shortly after a starter of cockles
I'm sure it's a reference to the E band themselves, The Eels, who came up with the wonderful track Novocaine For The Soul. Not suitable for children however (or many adults!).

However greetings karencorder, welcome to Flyertalk and welcome to the BA board. It's good to see you here and I hope you have a great trip out of LAX. Please let us know how it went for you, and indeed please keep posting.

On that service they are fairly quick off their mark getting the food out, not least because the staff can't take a break until it's done, so there is an incentive on them to get moving.

I would suggest you take some drink and perhaps some treat food items / snacks to keep the little passengers going, more to avoid boredom on the whole. A bottle of water is a good idea if on the upper deck, it can get warm up there, less of an issue on the main deck. I am assuming it's a A380 service. So have a few dollars handy to buy a bottle after security, I don't think anyone has ever regretted buying some before travel! But hopefully the children will get the hang of the Inflight Entertainment and then they will be away.
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