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Originally Posted by BotB View Post

-managed to get a trolley of Champers brought to the Champagne bar for the ICN launch so no one went dry

-Shared the limited supply of LPGS with 9 fellow FTers in F (a hardship to be sure and selfless act of kindness) on the way back from ICN

-I've guested a few people


-Um, well way back in a previous life around 2001, I was once truly awful to the BA check in staff member in DEN in a moment of DYKWIA madness. I was an .... I have learnt the error of my ways and since repented and hope I have made up for it when I can to other BA staff.

Others can be pried from me at DO's...

Nice thread Idea...
Yes you did well with organising that FULL trolley of Champers on that 1 night trip

However @ my bolding - you forgot the bit about 'mocking' me and Stez for being in WT+ on the return and also NOT sharing any Champers with us down the back

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