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Decision made

Hey everyone

Thank-you so much for all your input. After doing some investigative work last night I've decided that we shall go business class home but first class there. I engaged my wife in some "daydream" talk such as if we went to maldives, went on emirates what would it be like. We looked at the resort we chose and she wanted to do business one way and first the other if it were to happen. This will cut the cost by $5000 but this really isnt about money, its our once in a lifetime trip.

This is our second to last bucket list trip, the last one is Turks and Caicos. We're going to Lux Maldives, its not the fanciest of places but it has the little things that really are our style. Such as an ice cream parlor on the beach, a secret bar you can look for, an old english style phone booth that you can call anywhere for free in the world and they bring a projector out on the beach to watch movies. I read a review where the staff knew he was a big New England Patriots fan and it was playoffs so the staff brought out the projector, with buckets of beer and football food for the game. Its little things like that that caught my attention. I've also booked an over the water villa.

Flyeagle, when you mentioned about not being in the seats much, I can see us being in that business bar a lot during the flight as I can't see ourselves sitting in the seat for the whole trip, are all the snacks and drinks free or is there a charge?

I thought I also read somewhere that if the layover is over a certain time Emirates provides you with a room? And the food in the lunges in the airport is it also free?

On the way home with the stop in CMB I thought about staying at the Dolphin, looks nice and right on the beach. In Dubai, the Rafferty also looked nice.
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