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Thnx Bingo. A few years back, I visited Juanita in the museum/monastery. Kinda want to see where she was found. The "Big 4" of that area (Coropuna, Ampato, Chachani, El Misti) are not "technical" climbs, in fact all of them are very short as they all have roads that lead pretty close to base camp. I haven't climbed anything about 12k, and nothing technical before, surely no "Nevadas" where an ice pick and crampons are required. I'll keep googling. I've found a couple that will do Coropuna for $380/person, which is all inclusive sans sleeping bag and backpack (I've got.) Have a friend who is never "solid" when it comes to traveling (she often backs out at last min) who has committed to go, so I think with a party of (2) and flexible days, I should be alright. Surely an El Misti is an easy gig to get, but my heart is set on a 20k+ foot peak with glacial tops. El Misti and Chachani both fall just short in both categories.
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