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Whatever you eventually decide for the actual flights, you've chosen a great destination - the Maldives are very special.

I have a good deal of experience of F class on the A380 but not business class. In short I would say that you have almost answered your own question. There is indeed a certain amount of bling in F and much is made of the on-board showers, which - whilst welcome - are ultimately more of an in-flight novelty factor than anything else. The F-only 'bar' you mention is essentially a display of premium brand drinks (+ canapés etc) whereas the main bar offers more in terms of atmosphere (and, in truth, comfort too) as a social 'hub' during the flight. Plenty of goodies available in this larger area.

It's fair to say you would find more privacy in F (14 seats v 76 ensures this) but the seats in J looked more than adequate to me for a long sector. Food + drink options are of a high standard in both classes and you have to ask yourself if the greater choice offered in F would really be worth the difference in cost.

As always, these decisions come down to personal priorities and subjective opinion. Given the significant difference in cost for two of you, I personally would encourage you to stick with business class ; others will no doubt push you the other way.

Maybe the question to ask yourself is this : what could you do with that extra $10,000 that would make your trip extra special, eg higher quality room at the resort ...... or perhaps even another holiday next year .....?? $10K will buy many luxuries/comforts lasting a lot longer than a few hours in the air, so IMHO it's ultimately a matter of personal priority and sense of value.

Best wishes for a happy anniversary trip
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