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First class vs business class on A380 is it worth it?

Hi everyone

My wife and I are celebrating our 25th anniversary by going to Maldives this November.

We want to fly Emirates Airlines from Toronto to Male, its a 13 hour flight from YYZ to Male with a 14 hour stopover in Dubai, then 5 hours from Dubai to Male going there.

Coming home there are 2 stop overs, one in CMB and the other in Dubai.

We are not sure whether or not to go business class or first. From watching youtube videos on both cabins it seems as though first is all about the bling rather than substance. Maybe a little more space in first but you share a lounge with business class, there is a first class bar but its small and the wine selection also seems to be the same as business class.

To go from business class to first, for 2 people it would be an extra $10000 total flight cost increase for us. My wife doesnt know about this surprise trip by the way, she just knows we are going somewhere.

Any thoughts of why its worth it or not and the perks and differences between the both that can't be seen from videos or what peeople dont tell you? Thanks
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