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If you have your bridal gown do you get your own overhead bin???

This one intrigued me. I was on the shuttle last week in first along with Bridezilla and her gown. Bridezilla got on in front of me and asked to have the gown put in the closet but alas the closet on e170 is really not well suited to her gown so she decides to fold it in half and give it its own storage bin instead. Used an entire other overhead for her bag and a box she had. Only issue here is with one side useless on the 170 this left not much room for others. First two people who tried to use the "dress bin" she told no go and they dutifully took their bags back to coach were there was space. Third guy must not have good memories of his wedding because he was having none of the "dress bin". Told her that her dress was not entitled to a bin and basically tried to shove his bag in with her dress, Neither behaved well from that point on. He was wrecking her wedding. She was a spoiled prima donna and he felt sorry for the guy marrying her. FA tried to tell them that there was plenty of space back in coach but they both "paid" for FC and were entitled to the space in FC and were never flying delta if again if they did not get their way. Bride finally takes dress to coach and does not return. I assume she sat back there with the dress

Both had complete DYKWIA behavior. She totally had no right to expect there to be an empty bin for her dress but he could have been the bigger person and put his bag a few rows back even if was in egads COACH
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