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Originally Posted by channa View Post
DL owns the ticket now, you're with DL and would contact DL with any issues.

DL is not cancel happy like UA is. DL hates cancelling flights, if you're delayed you may be delayed, but I'd be surprised if they cancelled something like this. DL even boasts about how many days they run without a single cancellation.
It's amazing how different United approaches cancelations. They actually look at it as an opportunity to boost profit.

They cancel a full 50 seat RJ, and then try to spread the 50 folks over the few empty middle seats to the original destination over the next week,,, thus increasing load factor, and not incurring the costs of the original flight. They see this as increased profit and sit blissfully unaware that none of those folks are never coming back. United acts like they've done a good job and that the displaced customers should feel great that United managed to find them a seat at all.
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