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Originally Posted by frugalgal1001 View Post
I used for minimum spend on my AA Executive card. Have also used for 2% on my Fidelity Amex. Plus the purchase fee at my local SM is even less than $2.95
You used the new AA Exec for $10K spend right away?

It seems as though every drugstore, gas station, grocery store etc. in my area has now totally shut down using CC to buy and I've tried almost a dozen. Not only that my formerly reliable Lucky store not only switched to cash but even for cash the rack is clear of anything over $25. I can't imagine someone cleaned them out for cash.

I need to check this out before I apply for Citi Executive, I'm a virgin, (before it goes away) because this would be my main spend. I've seen that Simon codes as: Merchant Category: MISCELLANEOUS / SPECIALTY RETAIL STORES. Advice on how fast to scale up on new cards?

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