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Any updated views on Croatia Airlines?

I'm looking at booking OU for flights between Amsterdam and Dubrovnik. It's fairly last-minute and it's one way, so the fares are not great value, but that I just have to live with that. I'm tossing up between the following options:

A) One-stop same plane service via Pula
AMS 18.10-20.00 PUY 20.40-21.35 DBV A$363 4hr 20m M fare (929 OZ miles)
Pros: presumably hassle free, dinnertime flight. Pula is listed as 'tech stop' so presumably immigration formalities are handled in Dubrovnik.
Cons: Late arrival time

B) Implausibly quick connection via Zagreb
AMS 11.20-13.15 ZAG 13.45-14.50 DBV $381 3h 25m M fare (100% 921m)
Pros: faster, cheaper, early arrival in DBV
Cons: presumably the 30min transit time in ZAG is completely unrealistic, especially since we would have to go through immigration

C) More sane Zagreb connection
AMS 11.20-13.15 ZAG 14.45-15.40 DBV $381 4hr 20m M fare (100% 929m)
Pros: likely to actually make the connection
Cons: still have to go through Zagreb connection

Just how unpleasant/chaotic is connecting in Zagreb? I assume we'd be crazy to try booking option B, unless immigration is handled in DBV - does anyone have experience of this?

Also, it would be great to know what food/refreshments are generally served on OU flights of this length these days. Any recent experiences anyone can share?
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