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You always get the comments every time from the guy who says you will end up in massive amounts of debt paying astronomical interest rates... And his buddy who says that for the normal person it is a head scratcher.

What could go wrong? How about nimrods doing this and not paying their bills and getting massively in debt with very high interest rate cards that most "travel" cards have? Why do you think credit card companies love these kind of idiots who claim it "only" costs $6500 to get 1MM miles? Because they know the vast majority will simply end up deep in debt and paying huge interest payments for the rest of their lives.

But at least this joker didn't tell us these were "free" flights, like most of these credit card pimps. This guy just "forgets" all the time and energy it takes to do this everyday (what normal person spends $1500 a day anyway?). Only out of work, n'eer-do-well bloggers would dream up scamming credit card companies as an occupation..
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Mind Warp> disqust101 •a day ago

This method usually works well for rich folks. They take advantage of CC's miles for spending promotion by maxing their cards on something that either can be returned in cash or used to buy something they would otherwise have had to buy in cash anyways.

For instance, they'd use every opportunity to use their CC with good mileage conversion rate for anything and everything, such as paying for monthly bills, mortgage if possible, even business supplies if you're self-employed. All that, just to earn arbitrage.

For normal people with limited income, its a head scratcher.
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