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Originally Posted by ginanellis View Post
Letter Of Complaint to United Airlines
June 8, 2014 at 9:03pm

I have never sued anyone, written a letter of complaint or spread the word to never go to a certain business, but I will do my best to tell any person I ever come across who is planning to travel, to never, everfly United Airlines.

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Welcome to FT, and nothing you did was wrong. United was wrong, and they failed to correct the problem. They wrongly cancelled your tickets, and they owe you a check for all of your damages. What you need to do is file a complaint with the US Government. Attach your letter to UAL, ask they to look into the matter.

The link to file on the web (and address for paper) is here:


Complaints made to DOT get answered, and usually addressed by United quickly.

Good luck with the complaint to DOT, it should get results.

and P.S. You can also post your story on UALs facebook page. That usually gets a quick response!

Originally Posted by Mauibaby2008 View Post
Sorry it is better to always be prepared. Bring print outs of visa requirements.
I really don't know what to say...casual travelers gets messed over by United. United was (1) wrong, and (2) it was none of UALs business, and (3) United did not fix the problem. But who do you blame? The victim. China has allowed visa free transit for a few years, its well known, no reason to expect the world's biggest airline could not figure it out.

Really, really sad, response. And I guess passagners should bring a copy of the charts, a mechanic, and a flight manual too, in case United messes up on those?

Clearly when you were growing up (sic) no one every shared the wisdom of "there but by the grace of god go I"

Originally Posted by enviroian View Post
x1000. Sorry, you weren't prepared.
See above, very sad that this is how you look at it.

Originally Posted by HMO View Post
No one had the idea to check on line the visa requirements?

You should be prepared and had check it prior departing home, but you could also had check it during your discussion with the counter agent.
Anticipating every mistake by United exceeds the ability of even the most seasoned traveler. But I am sure that you never get messed over by anyone, because you are perfect, right? Geeze.

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