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Are you travelling on EK202 or EK204 - it sounds like you want to plan out your journey and so depending on the night or day flights, you may have to rearrange your schedule You know, with the bar and showers...! Similarly, DXB-BKK are you on the overnight service or morning day flights?

There really is not much you can do for 12 hours on the plane JFK-DXB, although this is your first time and you seem to be very excited, so giggling to yourselves is a must - especially your first experience of a shower at FL390. With a handy little screen that tells you your current position for added convenience as you recount your story! If it's the day flight, I would just eat in the JFK T4 lounge for breakfast, but then I can't recall the last time I had a decent on board breakfast on any flight in any class - I guess I'm not a breakfast person... You will be able to dine on demand with about 30 minutes notice, so don't worry about that. Make sure you get all the amenities in a cloth bag.

ex-DXB, go to the F lounge and order some food from the kitchens. Take advantage of the spa or peruse Le Clos for wine if in A concourse, if that's your thing.
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