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Originally Posted by farazk86 View Post

So I frequently travel between Newcastle, UK and Peshawar, Pakistan. When I'm going to Pakistan there is a 3 hour stay in Dubai before I am boarded to my connecting flight. Thats not too bad but on my way back there is a 20 hour stay in Dubai.

20 hours would be very difficult to spend in an airport.

This connection is not of my choosing but is the only and earliest connection offered by Emirates.

Last time I was offered a courtesy room in one of Emirates own hotels. But this time I was not. I called customer services and asked them why and they said our policy has changed regarding rooms.

They said there are 3 new rules that must be complied with before you are issued a room.

- The connecting flight is the earliest connection available. (check)
- The stay should be longer than 8 hours but less than 24 hours. (check)
- Your ticket should cost at least 800 ( what? )

I bought my ticket from emirates website, and it cost 550.

This was the price I was given. When the website is telling me 550, why would I pay 800 . (I would not have paid 800 anyway as that would be too much for this route)

Now I am just stuck, my flight back is on the 26th and I am worrying from now regarding my 20 hour stay.

Am I entitled a room? Who should I email or contact to ask them to review my request for a room?

Thank you
Every airline is going cheap now. This systemic problem is not confined to EK only. But I agree that 20 hours transit is insane.

As I see it, your choices are to cancel the ticket (and make sure next time that the transit time is somewhat reasonable) and book with someone else as Cdn1 suggested, or, just think of the money you saved this time and grin and bear it.
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