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Originally Posted by moka View Post
I had a DL flight arriving to HNL at 1:35pm so I booked a Island Air (via UA award) to LIH at 3:20pm. Now I see a time change was made and I now arrive to HNL at 2:16pm.
Do I stand a chance in making it if I'm 2 adults with 2 children (assuming bags get interlined)?

If not what would be my course of action? Seems like I'm SOL as UA wants $100 per ticket and Island Air says they can't modify a UA award. :-(
FYI for everyone on connecting, we recently had a 2.25 hr layover in HNL connecting to HA flight to OGG on separate tickets. I had our bags checked all the way through to OGG with no problems at our home airport. Our 2.25 hr layover turned into a 50 min layover after a MX delay out of LAX. We (family w/ small kids and stroller) ran from our DL gate to the interisland gates for our OGG flight, and made it with probably 15 minutes to spare. It's a haul, but doable if bags are checked through.

Also, we had no problem interlining our bags in OGG back to the mainland, preventing us from having to leave security in HNL and get our bags and recheck them. Saved a ton of time.
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