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Stayed here last night and all it is mehh...I was disappointed in the hotel. Checked in and was in a Wonderful Room on the 25th floor. Walked in and the shower was wet. I called the front desk and they asked me if it could be because it had just been cleaned. I didn't persist nor did I want to change rooms I just wanted to let the front desk know. Very well, may have just been cleaned and wet from that, I'm not sure, but not really the reaction I had expected from staff. A room near us must have been having a party because I could hear every thing going on in their room except when the AC unit was on in which case I could only hear the unit. The lobby bar looked cool, but I didn't get the chance to check it out. I also never made it to "Wet" on the 7th Floor. This is the 4th W I've stayed in and I probably wouldn't go back to this one.
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