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The UK is not the USA. We don't have the concept of a "felon". Criminal convictions (except for the most serious ones) are deemed "spent" after a certain number of years. For a four-months prison sentence that period is seven years.

As regards deportation - current policy with regards to EU citizens is

The Sec of State’s policy is that no EU citizen should be deported unless the prison term is 2+ years, R v Kluxen 2010 EWCA Crim 1081.

And this doesn't mean that anyone with a prison sentence of more than two years is automatically deported, it means that no one is ever deported unless their prison sentence is two years or more. And from what the OP is saying he left voluntarily.

mcgyver9, I would check with the British Consulate to see if you have to stay out of the country for seven years or if you can come back sooner. My guess is that it's the latter.
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