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I have been trying to get Best Western to honor their BRG with no success for the past month. Like everybody else, I have gotten ridiculous reasons for denial, as I kept learning about this hotel chain's policies. Here they are:
1. "Best Western has a lower rate". They do NOT compare apples to apples. I booked 'Flexible Rate' room and submitted a claim with a lower rate for refundable room. They compared it against their 'Best Value' rate!
2. "The room confirmed doesn’t match". This seems to be a common excuse/stalling tactic.
3. "The rate found on xyz.com was a sale rate". Of course it was! Just because other sites have advertised a "sale" e.g. strike through one price and a lower price, or 10% discount, etc, Best Western won't honor it.

I have had success in the past with HH and IHG, and I felt like Best Western just pulls up something from their bag of excuses to not approve ANY claim. I almost swore off of them, when I tried them one last time yesterday.
Need to book an overnight stay near MIA airport. Found best rate of $88 on getaroom.com through Kayak for Best Western Premier Miami Intl. Airport Hotel & Suites. Checked against their excuses above:
1. BW did not have a 'Best Value' rate.
2. Booked the most simple room offered - Standard King.
3. Rate offered was not a sale rate, no strike through!

Received an e-mail within half hour - I was convinced I got a 4th excuse for my list. Instead it said - "Your Low rate Guarantee claim is being reviewed".

Got a phone call within another half hour - your claim has been approved. The agent was extremely polite, and patiently answered all the questions I had. CHA CHING!

Good things I have found with BW:
1. Extremely quick decisions. You have a better chance of the lower rate still being available.
2. Quick connection to customer service.
3. Polite and well trained agents.
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