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Originally Posted by readywhenyouare View Post
You would think of there had been a credible threat to the aircraft that that the pilots or dispatchers would have diverted the flight as quickly as possible.
Well, that and had the agents in a staging area ready for the plane rather than waiting 20 minutes, especially with the field offices in proximity to JFK.

After landing in SFO a few years ago we were directed west somewhere near the post office area where we were greeted by a few marked police cars and no less than 5 black Suburbans and a staircase truck. On they came and plucked the well dressed man I was sitting across the aisle from. (3A and 3D).

Back in 2005 I was returning home from MUC and there was a long delay after boarding. We were all clearly ready to go, and I think they said they were waiting for something about the fuel, I don't recall the excuse but nothing felt out of the ordinary and the doors were still open. Without incident or warning all of the sudden four uniformed KSK soldiers came from the back of the plane (apparently entering through the rear) with a passenger in their custody. After spending time with the German and US special forces in Afghanistan between 2002-2003 I recognized their uniforms and weaponry compared to SEK or GSG 9, so whomever this person was, they must have been on someone's intelligence radar.
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