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The Madison WM has the process change. I went to buy 2 $1000 MOs with 4 Vanilla GCs and saw the change tender button pop up, so I pressed it quickly and all the cards worked fine.

I ended up spending over an hour there, though, through a combination of beginner cashiers, a jammed MO printer, a stuck register and a badly-timed lunch break by the only person working there who knew how to fix the printer. The first MO printed fine, but the printer balked on the second one and chaos ensued.

I couldn't leave because I had $1000 tied up in the register which subsequently became inoperable, requiring a reboot before they could open the drawer to give me cash back. Folks, that reboot took almost 1/2 hour, and by the time it was back up the woman who knew how to fix the printer had come back from lunch and they ended up printing the second MO for me.

The manager insisted on giving me $20 for my trouble, but it wasn't worth it. I almost left early on when I was 6th in line and realized that both CSRs were beginners, but unfortunately I didn't. Next time that happens I will.
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