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Originally Posted by Finkface View Post
When you swiped your card, did you immediately hit the 'change payment' or 'cancel' button on the screen and then 'debit'? If you have read all the wiki's and threads, you will know you only have a second or two to do this before it registers as 'credit' in some cases. You have to be real quick. I know it is only supposed to be necessary for M/C and certain types of Visa GC's but I do it every time I use a GC to buy a M/O regardless of type. Never failed me yet. If you didn't hit 'change payment' then give that a try. If you did and it still didn't work, then I have no clue what the problem was as it worked for me this morning at my WM.
Thanks for the suggestions. I knew about this and all my transactions till now have been approved. Never ever done this even once.

May be I should TRY this once and see.
But I really HOPE that Cashier hit the wrong button. I can confirm this if, I will be successful in loading my GB with Kisok or NOT...
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