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Thank you everyone for your valuable suggestions.

Two things unique about my WM is that
1. The kisok always works here. (Never broken)
2. MO fees is 0.49 not 0.70 as most of you guys pay.

But some times, Kisok will not allow MO. I guess this may be due no MO paper available inside the kisok.

These are my current plans -

1. Will go there again and see if it goes well with another cashier ( I doubt this)
2. Load GB Card with Kisok. - By doing this I can CONFIRM you all if my Wally has changed the way they process OV Cards.
3. Try another WM we have here.

Today is kinda bad day. FIRST TIME EVER, my CVS store WROTE down my DL# & SCANNED in system for a $1.5 Purchase.

All he said was " We have to do some paperwork for you". I did not spoke any word after this, just left the store. It looked like he may be the Manager of that CVS Store.
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