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Originally Posted by uncommonsensical View Post
look, i'm kinda the first to jump on newbs when they post something stupid, BUT... you guys are jumping on him for reporting/asking about something new.

i have never seen that error message before. has anyone else? btw, if i see one more oh-so-in-the-know ft'er saying 'you need to evolve youf...' i'm going to puke- note: it's not as clever as you think when you write it, and you sound like a doofus.

now, to the issue at hand, i'm speculating/hoping the cashier was hitting the wrong key and hit "Credit" instead of "Debit" on her terminal...
Right, some of the responses remind me of the last-ditch "This is only regional" with VRs with CC at CVS. Hopefully, as you say, this is cashier error, but about two weeks ago a clerk asked her supervisor "Are we still allowed to take these prepaid debits" so maybe a change is coming.
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