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Originally Posted by gnaget View Post
This time of year in Germany asparagus is a highly prized delicacy, so you should expect it to be the focus of a dish.

I am sure they had cognac Lheaurd VSOP, which is by far superior to Courvoisier. And I wouldn't be surprised if UA serves VS. This is a pretty ignorant criticism. What else? Complain that they don't have Budweiser?

There are nearly 100 seats on the A380 in C. It is not that difficult to get a peaceful seat. I usually fly in the rear of the aircraft and pick the exit row when available. Very private and quiet unlike the claustrophobic UA 777 cabin.
They had Lheaurd VSOP but I prefer Courvoisier. If that makes me less worthy in your eyes, so be it. Sorry I am ignorant in your world view. There were not 100 C seats on this plane. And it wouldn't have mattered. The seats were hard as a rock. I don't at all feel claustrophobic on the UA 777. The seats are comfortable and excellent for sleeping.

And the meal advertized was veal with asparagus, not asparagus with veal.
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