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Originally Posted by squeakr View Post
I think they are very optimistic but your experience may be different.
Dottie's used to be in the Upper Tenderloin, another sketchy area but much better than 6th and Market. I love here and I wouldn't walk that half block even in the am.

If you want good breakfast food, walk up to Sears Fine Foods on Powell St, an SF institution and also close to your hotel.

If you want Cako cupcakes you can also get them in the Westfield Mall which is also closer to your hotel. Altho why you'd want to is beyond me - they are by far not the best cupcakes in SF

I assume you have reservations at Nopa? Leaving only an hour for dinner may not be possible there.
I haven't made reservations at Nopa yet, but I will. Again, as I said in my OP, the times are just a place holder - they're not meant to be hard and fast. We'll be fluid & flexible as always.
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