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I don't know how popular Dottie's Café is. But as a tourist, I would stay away from 6th Street area at SOMA (SOuth of MArket Street). It is a ghetto area.
Dottie's is very popular and looking at their menu they provide what I'm looking at the price I'm looking for. What would be the best way to get there since it's only 0.8 miles from my hotel?

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Seriously? Z&Y Chinese is not your typical Chinese foods (for both Chinese and non-Chinese). Z&Y Chinese offers more like regional cuisines.

And I don't care who has been there. FWIW - President Obama knows nothing about Chinese foods, even he has a brother in China.

If you want decent Chinese foods ($$), then you should try Millbrae, the city next to SFO, or Kao Palace at Daly City, CA.
I'm not going there bc Obama went there. Is it ok to walk from there back to the Westin Union Square?

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I will look for alternative transportation in this case. You will be screwed if you miss it (as the trains come every 20 minutes).

Beside these, you miss a lot of worthy tourist attractions, such as:

- Golden Gate Bridge
- In-N-Out Burger
- Stanford University (if you are interested in schools )

Also - I will group every within San Francisco POI into 1 single day. With a car, you will save a lot of travel time. Hence, spare time.
We're going to the GG Bridge on Wednesday. I lived in PHX in the mid 2000's and I went to In-N-Out a couple of time and it was average. I prefer 5 guys over In-N-Out. We're walking thru the Cal-Berkley campus on Friday so we'll be able to get a university fix in.
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