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A few thoughts:

1) Not sure where you are staying (I'm assuming right on or near Union Square), but not sure it makes sense on the first day to go to Turtle Tower and then backtrack to the Ferry Building. I think your time is probably better spent just going down to the Ferry Building and wandering through and eating there.

2) Looks like you are headed up to Napa. Why not spend more of the day up there and visit another winery or two? Leaving in the morning like you are, you can definitely fit in more than 1 tasting.

3) Quite a number of breakfasts at Dottie's! It's good, but not sure worth going back to so many times. Also keep in mind that it is a very very popular spot, and waits can easily stretch up to an hour or more.

4) Big Sur is beautiful, but keep in mind that it is a lot of driving to do in one day! If you can, I'd spend the night down there.
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